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Domestic Pest Control

We’ve been providing swift and effective domestic pest control solutions for more than fifteen years, and pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for customer service. A pest infestation can be distressing, so we work quickly and discreetly to avoid any potential structural damage or risk to health. 

No Success, No Fee

It's as simple as that. If we cannot solve your pest control problem, we won't charge you.
Personal references are available on request.

Domestic Pest Services

  • wasps and hornet nests treatment or removal
  • flea and moth treatments
  • rat and mouse treatment and prevention
  • mole removal
  • glis glis treatment or
    humane removal
  • ants nests destroyed and
    flying ants treated
  • all types of flying insects treated
  • cockroaches and bed bugs treated

"I live in an old house and have a phobia of mice. Chiltern Pest Solutions were brilliant and dealt with our problem perfectly."

CR, Wheeler End

"Phil and his team are amazing! Over the years they've rescued me from mice, rats and wasps with quick, efficient and friendly service."

SB, Sonning

"By sorting out the nesting ants

in our beams, Chiltern Pest Solutions succeeded where many had failed. Phil's knowledge is second to none."

JP, High Wycombe

Mouse treatment and prevention
Wasps nest treatment and removal
Mole removal
Cockroach and bed bug treatments
Rat treatment and prevention
Ants and flying insect treatments
Flea and bed bug prevention
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